A photo posted yesterday on Justin Bieber's official fan page appears to show the recently embachelored teenybopper pop star getting a bit too familiar with one of his fans during a meet and greet in Miami.

The circumstances leading up to this curiously candid shot remain unclear, but some with apparent knowledge of the incident claim the Belieber asked to be groped, and Bieber obliged.

Others say Bieber was aiming for a hug and missed. A third theory asserts that this photo is a fake, though being posted on Bieber's official fan page likely rules that out.

Whatever the truth, it certainly appears to gel with some of Bieber's recently reported antics.

Like that time he was photographed smoking a wacky-looking cigarette at a party; and that time he was accused of spitting in a woman's water bottle at the gym; or how about that time when he keeps walking around without his shirt on.

I guess it's time to face facts: Our Bieber is no longer a boy — he's just another asshole adult.

[photo via ONTD]