The Montreal-based design school where the ultra-viral baby-snatching eagle hoax video was created says it plans to use the money it made from YouTube ads to fund scholarships for "deserving students."

The video, created by students at the National Animation and Design Center, managed to rack up millions of views before it was revealed to be fake by the students who created it.

Now, the school hopes to buy back some goodwill by using the profit generated by the video's 41 million views and counting to pay off a few tuitions.

"[The proceeds] will likely be divided into several scholarships aimed at recognizing excellence in our undergrad students," school spokesperson Claude Arsenault told Mashable.

The exact amount earned through Google AdSense wasn't available for release as the check has yet to be cut. But school officials say the experience of others leads them to believe it will be a substantial sum.

"Knowing that we helped get the school on the map - it's a good feeling," video co-creator Normand Archambault, told the Montreal Gazette.

Not surprisingly, he and his two fellow hoaxers each received an A for the project.

[video via YouTube]