Former Real Housewife of New York Kelly Killoren Bensimon is off to get herself a degree from business school. The New York Post reports Bensimon will be taking classes online to get an MBA in business and finance at Northeastern University in Boston.

Bensimon appeared on the Real Housewives of New York until 2011, when she was fired. Since then, she's been living on a cloud and surviving on a diet of lollipops and dandelions. But, oh man, business school. Here we go.

Kelly, is it better to have decisionable data or a set strategic direction?

"Why do we have to be all flowers and lollipops? Why can't it be like fighting but we are actually learning? That's called back-door education."

Kelly, how would you predict market trends will affect oil futures in the coming quarter?

"Mostly I'm just like 'Huh? What?' And then I look like I'm an airhead because I'm not engaging in stuff that I don't understand.

Kelly, you need to drop out because you are failing all your classes.

"Systematic bullying is never okay."

Yeah, there's no way this ends well.