Gawker reader Hulk Hogan has a well-documented history of expressing his appreciation for daughter Brooke's physique by eyebrow-raising means, but did he take it a step too far yesterday when he tweeted a photo of Brooke's legs entitled, simply, "Brooke's legs"?

Many of his followers seem to think so.

"You guys' relationship is disgusting," opined Twitter user J I Λ. "That shit is just weird." (For the record, Brooke denied being in "some perverted relationship" with her dad back in 2011.)

It's quite possible Hogan is simply proud of his daughter, as he was when he retweeted a fellow who claimed to have gone "balls deep" into Brooke.

The photo in question has since been removed from, where it was being hosted, but the tweet itself remains live, so it's unclear if Hogan was attempting to scrub the post and failed, or if it was removed for violating Lockerz' terms of service banning excessively creepy content.

UPDATE: Reacting this morning to comments made on Twitter and elsewhere concerning her dad's tweet, Brooke Hogan issued this response: "A dad can't even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it's not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant"

[screengrab via Twitter]