Brazilian authorities have arrested three people with ties to the nightclub fire that killed at least 233 people yesterday. They are one of the club's co-owners, the chief of security and a member of the band Gurizada Fandangueira, which was performing when the fire broke out. Police are also apparently searching for Kiss nightclub's other owner as well.

Police insist the arrests are solely for questioning, but a co-owner of Kiss has reportedly confirmed that the club's safety certificate expired last year. If this is true, the club's ownership could be held responsible for the fire, which is the deadliest of its kind since a fire at a club in China killed more than 300 people. It is also the deadliest fire in Brazil in five decades.

This morning Billboard reports Gurizada Fandangueira, which played about once a month at Kiss, was known for its use of pyrotechnics during live performances. YouTube video uploaded last May shows sparks flying as the band performs. All the members of the band except accordion player Danilo Jaques escaped the nightclub.

[Image via AP]