The teenage daughter of a Minnesota man is accusing him of a pointing an AK-47 at her because she brought home a disappointing report card.

Kirill Bartashevitch, 52, of St. Paul was arrested and charged with two counts of felony terroristic threats for allegedly threatening his daughter and wife with an assault rifle.

Police say Bartashevitch recently purchased the weapons because he was concerned that President Obama was planning to ban them.

The incident report states that on Sunday January 13th, Bartashevitch and his daughter got into an argument after the 15-year-old received two B's instead of two A's. The victim told a social worker that she swore at Bartashevitch and told him she "hated" him, causing him to snap.

Bartashevitch subsequently pointed one of his newly purchased rifles at his daughter, prompting his wife to stand in the line of fire. He pushed her down and then pointed the rifle at her as well.

Upon his arrest, Bartashevitch reportedly confessed to the crime, telling police he knew the weapon wasn't loaded because he checked the rifle's chamber before training it on his loved ones.

Receipts found at his house show that Bartashevitch sold the rifles to two local gun shops the following week.

Bartasevitch remains in jail today after his bail was set at $20,000. If convicted he faces an addition five years behind bars.

[mug shot via MyFoxTwinCities]