The Rakwena Crocodile Farm in northern South Africa has reportedly managed to capture about 7,500 crocodiles that went missing after a flood threat forced the owner to open the gates, but just as many remain on the loose.

Downpours have raised water levels across the region, including in the nearby Limpopo River, which flooded over the weekend. To avoid as much damage to his property as possible, the farm's owner, Johan Boshoff, opened the gates, allowing the crocs to spill out.

"There used to be only a few crocodiles in the Limpopo River," Zane Langman, Boshoff's son-in-law, told a local newspaper. "Now there are a lot."

But some of the crocs haven't been too keen on sticking around and waiting to be sent back to farm.

"We've been recapturing them as and when the local farmers phone us to tell us that there are crocodiles on their property," Langman said. "I heard there were crocodiles in Musina [about 120km away] on the school's rugby field."

[H/T: The Atlantic Wire, photo via Shutterstock]