This Google Street View of "113 Suttand Place, Lawrence" seems familiar, doesn't it? That guy is almost recognizable, isn't he? Is it near somewhere you lived? A place you've driven by?

Not quite. It's actually a frame from Goodfellas, and the figure — face blurred out in typical Street View fashion — is Ray Liotta. It's from my new favorite Tumblr, Tre Baker's "Google Street Scene," which imagines scenes from movies as viewed through the eight-eyed orb on top of Google's Street View car. "It's not easy finding scenes from the Web that look GSVy," Baker says, but the ones he's got at Google Street Scene are just right from the angle to the obscured faces to the shadow of the camera car in the Vanishing Point cap. Some of the best below.

[Google Street Scene]

The Bourne Identity

No Country for Old Men

Smokey and the Bandit

Vanishing Point

Blue Velvet

Mystery Train

Back to the Future