Remember the Maine Zumba prostitution scandal? Well, here are some updates. First, alleged participant Mark Strong is a modern day renaissance man; not only is he the accused Maine Zumba pimp (or, madam Alexis Wright's business partner) — he's also an insurance agent and a private investigator. Impressive! Strong pleaded not guilty to 59 misdemeanor counts of promotion of prostitution and violation privacy, and on Tuesday his attorneys questioned potential jurors for the trial, which should start sometime in May. The questions included tough ones like:

"You may be shown explicit videos and photographs depicting individuals engaged in graphic sexual acts," the confidential juror questionnaire asked. "Would viewing this evidence make it difficult for you to listen to the law and evidence and render a fair and impartial verdict?"

Jurors were also asked if they knew any of the the 79 potential witnesses, which could include some of the alleged johns. But who cares about any of that. What we really want to know is: Did Strong and Wright do it? As the Today Show, of all places, reports: yes, they were "intimate." But was it love? No, it was not.

"It wasn't a love relationship for either of us," Strong said. "It was strictly intimate."

Strong has also received repeated threats since his arrest, which isn't surprising considering he's accused of secretly taping (NSFW) sex between Wright and her alleged clients. "I have been harassed. I received threatening phone calls, threatening my life," Strong said in the TODAY interview.

This concludes your Zumba prostitution scandal update. For more, check back in around May, when the trial starts.

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[Image via AP]