Last week, there was a minor horse meat scandal in Ireland and the UK. Several supermarket chains were forced to pull horse-contaminated beef products, including one – the Tesco Everyday Value Beef Burger – that was found to be almost 30% horse. In addition to Tesco, four other supermarkets were found selling part-horse burgers,which were traced to three processing plants: Liffey Meats, Dalepak Hambleton and Silvercrest Foods. Gross, right?

Well, it gets worse if you're an Irish Burger King fan, which most of you no doubt are. Silvercrest Foods, one of the contaminated processors, is a subsidiary of ABP Food Group, which is one of the suppliers for Burger Kings in the UK and Ireland. As a precaution, BK is dropping all beef from ABP and will instead bring you highly processed meat from another provider. Crisis averted. Everyone rush to Burger King to celebrate. Or you could just have it delivered.

[Image via AP]