If there is one thing New Yorkers know, it's how annoying tourists can be. That's why apologies in advance are necessary to the people of Scotland for the influx of tourists you're about to receive.

If you're looking for someone to blame, here are two: Fivla and Vitamin.

The cardigan-sweater-wearing Shetland ponies are the official ambassadors of VisitScotland's new campaign celebrating Year of Natural Scotland.

Come and celebrate Scotland's outstanding natural beauty throughout 2013. From stunning natural and historic landscapes, art inspired by nature, surprising wildlife and delicious food & drink, you can find nature right on your doorstep. Don't miss the chance to experience the great Scottish outdoors for yourself, join in the celebrations with a packed programme of events and discover insider tips from across the country during the Year of Natural Scotland.

As for Fivla and Vitamin and their custom-made Shetland wool jumpers, they can be found at the Thordale Shetland Stud Centre and in our hearts.

[H/T: PetaPixel, photos via VisitScotland]