Firefighters in Naples, aided by a crew from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, helped a bald eagle untangle itself from a fishing line that had left it dangling from a tree some 70 feet above ground.

Resident Bob Bodemann says he phoned emergency services after spotting the struggling bird. He said the tree was home to a mating pair and at least two young eagles.

"I was about to leave the house. When I looked up, the baby was just hanging there," Bodemann told the Naples Daily News.

Rescuers spent 45 minutes trying to calm the eagle long enough to remove the 150-foot fishing line that had ensnared it. "The bird obviously started hesitating and freaking out severely and trying to get out of the situation," said Beach Patrol Specialist Casey Bollenback.

Eventually, enough of the line was pulled away that the bird was able to fly off. However, a search of the area revealed that the lure stuck in the eagle's back might still be there.

The eagle has since returned to the nest, and residents say they will be monitoring the convocation should the eagles require additional assistance.

[photo via Facebook]