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On last night's Catfish, the show that dares to ask who's zoomin' who about people who have never met but are engaged in Internet relationships, the zoomin' was particularly fervent. Rod met Ebony via a gay/bisexual dating site, even though he claimed not to identify as gay or bi ("You can go on there to meet basically anybody," he said, not adding that "anybody" meant primarily gay and bisexual people). He also claimed to be his cousin "KJ" and sent Ebony pictures of KJ rather than himself over the course of their four-year correspondence.

When the two parties finally met, as is the point of every Catfish episode, Ebody revealed that she has a kid and that she in, in fact, a biological woman. Also, she dated women for 15 years, but targeted gay men via the aforementioned dating site because, "All I wanted was just somebody to talk to." Hmmm.

In the end, Ebony was willing to accept Rod for who he was despite his lies, but he was not willing to pursue anything with Ebony. When he thought Ebony was transgender, he referred to having sex with her as something he'd have to get used to; having sex with biological woman Ebony was not something he was interested in at all. Interesting. Rod never conceded questioning his sexuality, but said that the money Ebony gave him throughout their association was what kept him interested in her. What.

The full episode is here, if you feel like having your brain pulled like taffy.