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Sure, if you go to the Inaugural Ball you get to watch Jennifer Hudson sing "Let's Stay Together" while the Obamas dance. But based on the dispatches from intrepid reporters at Obama's Inaugural Ball, those of us who were stuck at home should consider ourselves lucky; the conditions there sound atrocious — squalid, even. For starters, the food: the available snacks include "Cheez-Its crackers and stale pretzels." The horror.

And what if you get thirsty after consuming such mediocre snacks? Tough shit – the lines for drinks are practically miles long. The same Buzzfeed post notes "the lines for drinks in the cavernous main space go dozens deep," a report which the New York Observer's Hunter Walker confirms.

And if you're not waiting in line for your drink, then you're busy having a drink spilled on you.

On top of all that, there have been reports of near stampedes. Of course, as Buzzfeed notes, this is all standard fare for Inaugural Balls:

The paltry food and drink offerings are in line with previous inaugurals, and are seen by many attendees as a small price to pay for a glimpse of the President and First Lady.

But really, is a glimpse of anyone worth such terrible conditions? Even the first lady, in her Jason Wu dress?

[images via @mateagold, AP]