Why can't you suits understand: Kim Dotcom is just a simple man with a simple website who's definitely not burning with rage at the government officials who raided his mansion and arrested him almost exactly a year ago today?

Kim Dotcom, founder of outlawed file-sharing website Megaupload, said his new "cyberlocker" was not revenge on U.S. authorities who planned a raid on his home, closed Megaupload and charged him with online piracy for which he faces jail if found guilty.

"This is not some kind of finger to the U.S. government or to Hollywood," Dotcom told reporters from Reuters at his home in New Zealand. "Legally, there's just nothing there that could be used to shut us down. This site is just as legitimate and has the right to exist as Dropbox, Boxnet and other competitors" (Gizmodo has a more in-depth look at the new site here).

The man has hung up his spurs. He has broken with his past and started over. He just wants to tend to his tomatoes in the garden, where you can see the sun rising over the sea if the day is clear enough. But you people just won't let him.

[Image via AP]