Wow, LADIES, time for an emergency meeting of the LADIES because there has been a huge development in our sex's perpetual race to/fight against bang adoption: Michelle Obama now has BANGS.

Earlier today, the White House tweeted a picture of the First lady with hair like you normally see on the back of her head only this time it was on the FRONT of her head and it was cut short above her eyes, so that we could see her face and she could observe her surroundings unobstructed, yes, folks, I'm talking BANGS here. Bold blunt bangs.

According to the caption, the photo was snapped as Mrs. Obama met with David Hall, one of eight "citizen co-chairs" selected to participate in President Obama's inauguration, in advance of the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

They probably met to talk about Michelle's BANGS.

Reaction on the Internet has largely been stunned, as people leap to identify Michelle's bangs as bangs, then refrain from passing any further judgement.

In order to combat such cowardice, here is the Official Gawker Stance on Michelle Obama's Bangs:

Eh, they look better swept to the side.

The question of bangs has long been a tense issue for women, as laydaaaaayz of all ages and face-shapes continually wonder whether or not bangs would be a cute look for their face shape because they always see girls with bangs and think "Wow, they look so cute on her," but just because a style is right for someone else doesn't mean it's right for you, do you know what I mean, what do you think?

(The first lady turned 49 today, so maybe crawling onto her forehead and passing out is just her hair's way of celebrating.)

[via @FLOTUS / Twitter]