At the time of writing there is just one comment underneath Annie Leibovitz's Hurricane Sandy-themed photoshoot for Vogue magazine: "this is tacky and tasteless."

The comment may stand alone, but the sentiment seems to have quite a bit of company.

"Vogue Pays Tribute to Hurricane Sandy First Responders With Awful Photo Spread," reads the headline above Katherine Goldstein's post for Slate's XX Factor, which opens with the line "Is this what happens when Anna Wintour feels emotion?"

Kottke also blasts the spread for being a poorly thought-out juxtaposition, wondering if maybe Vogue "were going for inappropriate & provocative but hit inappropriate & idiotic instead."

NYC residents were similarly bewildered when the NYPD put up one of the spread's photos on their Facebook page. "Models?????" exclaimed one user. "[P]eople risking their lives and two walking skeletons spoil a good pic."

In fairness to Vogue, while the photos are discombobulating at best, the accompanying captions are indeed devoted to the selflessness of first responders. (Well, mostly: ..."'It's a lifesaving branch-it's what we do.' From left: On Kasia Struss: Ralph Lauren Collection dress...")

Also, as Kottke himself points out, Vogue did do its part by raising $1.7 million to support relief efforts.

And, if nothing else, at least it's no Nana Gouvêa fiasco. Remember that? That was bad.

With Republicans trying their damnedest to stop Sandy victims from getting much-needed financial assistance, maybe an attention-grabbing Sandy spotlight isn't so bad after all.

[photos by Annie Leibovitz via Vogue]