A rare shooting incident in a "quiet Malibu canyon enclave" took an even more bizarre turn when it was revealed today that man who allegedly pulled the trigger is Patrick Leach — the 27-year-old son of Barney & Friends creator Sheryl Leach.

Investigators say Leach was involved in a dispute over a "trespassing issue" with his neighbor Eric Shanks, when the former reportedly shot the latter in the chest, causing a non-life-threatening injury.

Shanks subsequently called 911, and waited in front of his house for law enforcement to arrive. Leach, meanwhile, tried to make a getaway in his black SUV, but was tracked down and apprehended.

He was booked on a charge of attempted murder, but was able to bail out on a $1 million later that day.

"Look, he comes from big money, so he was able to post that kind of bail the same day he was arrested," Malibu Sheriff 's Station rep Lt. Matthew Squire told the Malibu Times.

The particulars of the dispute weren't disclosed, but a neighbor, who described Winding Way as a "quiet, locked-away community," said he heard the two men engage in "a verbal altercation" prior to the shooting.

Leach's mother, who was inspired by her son to create Barney the Dinosaur in 1987, reportedly lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

[photo via AP]