When Australian Matt Corby posted a photo of his newly acquired Subway sandwich to the Subway Facebook page demanding to know why the so-called "footlong" was only 11 inches long, he most likely didn't intend to become the poster boy for sandwich injustice.

But over 100,000 likes later, Corby's three-word entreaty — "subway pls respond" — has become the war cry of a hungry mob clamoring for an extra inch.

Soon enough, Subway's Facebook page was flooded with identical requests for an explication of the size discrepancy.

Some claiming to be in the know alleged that, contrary to popular belief, a toasted sub tends to shrink, whereas a cold sub maintains its full size. Other suggested that the bread was faulty from the get-go.

But so far the masses aren't buying it. And Subway, which typically responds to every whiny grievance, has so far remained mum.

In fairness, it's hard to speak with a foot in your mouth.

[photo via Facebook]