Who is Amanda Bynes? Every once in a while, she drives her car into the wall of our lives, to lock herself in our cupcake shop bathrooms; to stand, naked and dreaming, in our tanning salon lobbies. To prevent us from settling too comfortably into the rhythm of life. To remind us that she exists.

She's like a friend we vaguely remember from childhood who pops up every once in a while on our Facebook feeds doing something odd.

The latest something odd that Amanda Bynes has done is (apparently) have a microdermal anchor inserted into her cheek. Bynes recently posted two pictures of herself with the stud on her tumblr.

Assuming it's real, it's unclear what Bynes hoped the stud would do, apart from making her more recognizable when out and about ("Is that Amanda Bynes? Yes, look at her cheek.") and limiting her ability to portray characters who do not have microdermal impants ("Is that Clara Barton? No, look at her cheek.").

Whatever her motivation, she seems pretty happy with it. Bynes posted this caption under one of the images:


See you around, Amanda.


[Image via AmandaBynes1986.tumblr.com]