Buoyed by the mostly negative reception of Jessica Simpson's 2006 feature film, Employee of the Month, NBC has just revealed it is developing a scripted comedy based on her hilarious life.

It seems pretty obvious what happened here, right?

"You can't write this stuff!" Jessica Simpson would giggle with her assistant, realizing she had picked up Honeycrisp apples instead of Fuji apples at the grocery store by mistake.

"I cannot believe my life sometimes," Jessica Simpson would sigh at her fiancé, after pulling a turtleneck over her head and realizing the tag was in the front.

"My life is like a TV show!" Jessica Simpson would yell to no one in the cavernous living room of her "Spanish-style" mansion, after realizing the eyeglasses had been on her head the whole time.

And then, one day it happened. Jessica Simpson's life, which had already been a TV show, became another TV show. A scripted TV show.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the script will be written Nick Bakay, who helped pen Paul Blart: Mall Cop, a documentary which received accolades for its unflinching examination of the logistics of modern mall security.

In a statement that seems designed specifically to elicit a "?!?!??" reaction from its audience, Ben Silverman (founder of Electus, the company producing the show, and former NBC chairman) described Simpson as "truly a modern-day Lucy with incredible comedic chops."

In 2004, ABC filmed a pilot for a scripted comedy called Jessica, which starred Simpson as a pop-star who became a TV news anchor. The network ultimately passed on the series, probably because it was TOO GOOD for television.

Simpson is currently pregnant with her nth child.

[The Hollywood Reporter // Image via AP]