First things first: Did you even know Victor Garber was gay?

Because, according to an interview he recently gave to Greg in Hollywood, everyone on the planet knows that he is.

"I don't really talk about it but everybody knows."

Quick poll: Did you know Victor Garber was gay?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Who is Victor Garber?

If you answered "Yes," you are "everybody." If you answered "No," you are "nobody." If you answered "Who is Victor Garber," you are actor Victor Garber with amnesia; Victor Garber is you and you are gay, and everybody knows it.

But who is actor Victor Garber dating?

He is dating the Hottest Guy in the World.

The Hottest Guy in the World is named Rainer Andreesen.

According to his website, Rainer Andreesen was born in 1963 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. He is a portrait artist who has modeled for Gucci, Armani, and Valentino.

He looks like the dad from an ABC family drama, who's a veterinarian and a widower, whose gruff demeanor is just a defense mechanism. He looks like the rugged sea captain from a Winslow Homer painting. He looks, to be honest, quite a bit like The Most Interesting Man in the World from those beer commercials.

He is the Hottest Guy in the World.

Indigo pants seem more fully realized when Rainer Andreesen wears them. Suits look better than they do on a Ken doll. Rainer Andreesen wears a blazer with no shirt underneath it and you're like "Yes, that's correct."

You just want to take him home to your houseboat and have him build you a bookshelf and give you a good grade and eat lobster with hands and then disappear into the fog one morning and never return.

According to Us, Garber first spoke publically about Andreesen in a 2012 interview with a Canadian "adult lifestyle publication":

"My companion Rainer Andreesen and I have been together almost 13 years in Greenwich Village. We both love New York."

Congratulations on your fabulous life, Victor Garber.

[Greg in Hollywood via Us // Garber image via Getty / Image of Andreesen shot by Cedric Buchet for British GQ]