An 18-year-old known for posting poorly thought-out pranks on YouTube crossed a stupidity threshold Sunday night when he went on a wedgie spree outside a movie theater in his hometown of Bradenton, Florida.

Charles Ross, whose previous "pranks" include "kissing strangers" and "trust falling on strangers," was arrested by Manatee County deputies and charged with misdemeanor battery for pulling up the back of a passer-by's pants.

According to the incident report, other people who fell victim to Ross's schoolyard shenanigans "were too embarrassed to want to pursue charges."

The Sheriff's Office noted that Ross appeared to be "filming the crime with a camera," which gels with his history of "creat[ing] situations in order to harass and annoy people."

He was briefly jailed before bailing out on $750. A court date has been set for Valentine's Day.

[mug shot via Manatee County]