What an exciting stage in Olivia Washington's life. Old enough to enjoy a glamorous 3-hour awards show without squirming. Old enough to "get" all the jokes in the monologue. Old enough to sip champagne at a table full of stars. Old enough to be mistaken as her father's romantic partner all night.

Denzel Washington made the sweet decision to bring his 21-year-old daughter, Olivia, to the Golden Globes as his date last night, then spent the entire evening explaining to people that, no, she was not his 62-year-old wife, Pauletta.

"IT'S NOT MY WIFE, PAULETTA," he warned Ryan Seacrest, before the used car salesman to the stars had even finished greeting him.

"Denzel's wife looks bored," observed Twitter.

"An earlier version of the caption with this photo incorrectly identified Denzel Washington's daughter as his wife," apologized The New York Times, "and misspelled Mr. Washington's surname." (How? Washingtonn? Ouashington?)

Luckily, Olivia seemed to take it in stride, giggling good naturedly as her father explained to Ryan Seacrest that she was not a person he had ever had sex with.

Just classic dad stuff.

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