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On last night's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Thanksgiving special (yeah, I have no idea why they did that with the scheduling — I guess this show takes months to finesse?), Mama June introduced the world to the concept of a "multi-meal." A "multi-meal" is what happens when you "just like throw whatever you have available in the cabinets in a bowl." The secret ingredient, though, is TLC's sound effects, which make June's already gross kneading ("Your hands are your best utensils") that much grosser.

Garnish with a series of bizarre sneezes and serve.

Also, she basically stuffed her Thanksgiving turkey with Country Crock.

I really have a high threshold of acceptance for these people and their ways (duh), but the culinary part of their culture (or whatever) really distresses me. My throat still closes when I think about sketti.