Two people named Kelly Hildebrandt who bonded over their shared name and eventually got married say they gave it their "best shot," but couldn't make it work.

Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt and Kelly Carl Hildebrandt made the "news of the weird" section three years ago after accidentally bumping into each other on Facebook and falling in love.

"She said, 'Hi. We had the same name. Thought it was cool," Mr. Hildebrandt told the AP then. "I thought she was pretty cute."

But three years and one marriage later, the couple has decided to file for divorce over "irreconcilable differences."

Namely, different states.

"She's a Florida girl, and I'm a Texas guy," Mr. Hildebrandt told an NBC affiliate in Florida. "We really did come from pretty different worlds."

If two people with the same name can't make it work, what chance do the rest of us have?

[screengrab via NBC Miami]