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Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts announced this morning she expects to return to the show sometime in February. Roberts has not been on live television since August, when she began treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a rare blood disorder.

Roberts, looking the healthiest she's looked since her bone marrow transplant, had originally not planned to return to the anchor desk until May or June. But speaking on the show this morning she said her blood count is improving and that at a recent checkup, her bone marrow showed no abnormalities. Roberts received bone marrow donated from her sister, Sally-Ann, an anchorwoman in New Orleans.

Calling her return a "process," Roberts said next week she'll begin working at the GMA studio testing how she reacts to the pressure of the work environment, as well as how her body reacts to the makeup and lights on set. She will not be on air during this "dry run."

If all goes well, Roberts should be back on air in February. She did not give a specific date, though she did mention a date she has in mind that's "very personal and very important" to her.

Before being diagnosed with MDS, Roberts underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2007.