Yesterday, on the heels of a fake-out by Justin Timberlake that many thought would be his new single but turned out to be a minute-long ponderous YouTube video about him not releasing music, a new ballads collection from Destiny's Child was announced. Sporting 14 tracks that span the group's career, Love Songs will include the previously unreleased Pharrell Williams collaboration, "Nuclear."

Once again beating Timberlake whose new song might actually surface Monday (but who the fuck knows), that new song has just hit the Internet. It's a nice midtempo thing that replicates an oft-used 90s house rhythm track — David Morales' remix of De La Soul's "A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays" popped immediately into my head as the best example, though there may be a better one. Anyway, this is great and it goes to show that in a post-EDM world, even our ballads are dancey.

If you need to get your fill of Timberlake-esque navel-gazing from this set, though, Beyoncé's got — the trailer for her upcoming self-directed HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream is now available for your eye-rolling pleasure.

Update: Oh right, that sample is Lyn Collins' "Think," the basis of virtually the entire late-80s/early-90s genre of hip-house.

[via Mashable]