The Golden Millennium of Beyoncé continues today, as Us Weekly has just confirmed that Destiny's Child will publicly reunite on stage during the Super Bowl.

But make no mistake, Kelly and Michelle. Don't go telling all your friends you're going to be on TV. This is still a Beyoncé show.

Us reports that Beyoncé will open the halftime show solo, since she's the one the football teams are coming to see; then, "midway through her performance" she will be joined by the surviving members of Destiny's Child.

The trio will perform a medley of their hits before launching into a brand new song called "Nuclear," which probably opens with Kelly, builds to a show-stopping Beyoncé verse, and Michelle is on stage, too.

Beyoncé will perform the finale, rumored to be the debut of a new track from her upcoming album, solo.

Yesterday, Beyoncé revealed that Destiny's Child would soon release their first original track as a trio since 2004 and also that she is crazy.

[Us Weekly // Image via AP]