Justin Bieber is a tiny adult. But he's also one of the most famous people in the world and is thus impervious to consequences. One thing you can do as a tiny adult impervious to consequences that you can't do as a tiny adult subject to consequences (like, say, myself) is punch most people, including an ex-Israeli soldier who is your bodyguard. Such are the privileges of being young and famous.

Bieber's ex-bodyguard Moshe Benabou — the Bieberguard — is suing the large-hatted teen idol for $420,000, claiming he was assaulted as well as being owed unpaid overtime.

According to Benabou — who claims he worked for the singer from March 2011 to Oct. 2012 — JB berated him and punched him in the chest multiple times during a disagreement about how to handle a member of Bieber's entourage.

Benabou is seeking unspecified damages for assault and battery — and more than $420,000 in unpaid overtime.

Bieber's people say that Benabou is a money-hungry miffed ex-employee, but that's really beside the point. Even if Bieber didn't punch his ex-Israeli military bodyguard multiple times in the chest, the fact is that it's entirely plausible that he did. Because there's no bodyguard in the world that can punch Bieber back.

We all should all be so lucky. Or not.

[via TMZ, image via Getty]