Sounds like Cathy Middleton and her husband Bill had a real nice time for her birthday the other night. They and Cathy's parents and her brother and sister all went and saw that circus—what's that circus? It's like a French circus. Circus du Soleil. Canadian, I guess, you know the one I mean.

E! reports that the group showed up at a private room (with bar, la-dee-da) at London's Royal Albert Hall last night about 45 minutes before the 8 p.m. showing of Kooza, that circus thing. Cathy probably didn't have anything to drink (she's got a little one on the way, and gin and tonics give her burps), but, you know what? She sure was acting blitzed.

Here is a list of actions E! says she performed throughout the performance of, what is it? Kazooza?:

  • "laughing"
  • "clapping"
  • "gasping"
  • "pulling her hair across her face"
  • "curling into William"
  • "intensely concentrating" (on a circus)

Even weirder, Cathy and her mom, Carole, reportedly just about died with laughter when a clown whose crown had been stolen pointed at the audience and asked "Who has my crown?" They thought this was just about the funniest thing. E! says they even "cast glances" at Bill "who clearly saw the humor and giggled right alongside them."

Are there layers to this joke that I'm just not seeing? Is it possible that the members of the clown race are the One True Rulers of England, that Bill's ancestors stole their magic crown centuries ago, and that until clowns can locate their stolen crown, they are cursed to perform as fools and buffoons?

I didn't even know the clowns were allowed to talk in the Circus of Soleil.

I thought it was very French.

[E! // Image via Getty]