Irish news anchor Aengus Mac Grianna is RTE's most beloved presenter, but not so much for his ability to deliver the day's events in a thoughtful yet succinct manner as for his repeated on-air bloopers.

Mac Grianna has already racked up enough slip-ups to piece together a two-minute compilation (see below), but his latest "technical difficulty" might be his worst best one yet.

Thinking he had enough time to reapply his make-up while a news clip aired, Mac Grianna took out his compact and began rubbing bronzer on his forehead.

"But when the clip ended and the cameras went ‘live' in the RTE studio," writes the Irish Independent, "nobody told the presenter who continued to apply the make-up and then started to fix his tie."

It gets better (or worse, depending on which side of the camera you happen to be on).

[H/T: Know Your Meme]