It's a smurf eat smurf world out there, as one Australian man recently discovered. Police in the Australian state of Victoria are looking for Papa Smurf and three of his blue disciples who are accused of committing two crimes at once.

According to police, a 37-year-old man was walking out of a 7-Eleven at 1 a.m. when he was approached by a magical creature from his childhood. But it was not Smurfberries that adorable Smurf was after, no, it was a mere cigarette. The Smurf Smurf's friends were busy hot-wiring a car, as Smurfs do.

The man, ever a friend to mythical Belgian creatures, offered the Thug Smurf a smoke. This greatly offended the Smurf however, as they only have four fingers and cannot light their own cigarettes, who proceeded to beat the man unconscious.

Police are confident they will bring the Smurf criminals to justice, thanks in part to a new recruit: a cat named Azriel.