Crashing his car into a pizza shop wasn't a good enough reason for one Nebraska man to skip lunch.

Employees at a Valentino's To Go in Lincoln say the elderly driver asked them if he could order a pizza while he waited for emergency crew to come.

"His foot had stuck on the gas and he was going to go ahead and order some pizza, so he wasn't too upset about it, evidently, but it sure was a surprise to us," Don Brouse told KLKN-TV.

Officials from the fire department were worried about potential injuries to the lunch crowd, as the accident took place just before noon on Wednesday, but were relieved to find there were not.

"We all had concerns and talked about it in route-that this time of day, this particular eating establishment-the lobby would be full," said Battalion Chief Leo Benes.

Even more surprising was the fact that the unnamed driver rammed his Honda into the front door in such a way that no structural damage was caused.

The man was transported to a local hospital, but his condition was not released. It also remains unclear if he ever got his pizza.

[H/T: Guyism, screengrab via KLKN]