Meet Robin Verrecas, an 18-year-old owner/creative designer from Oostkamp, Belgium, who has worked for Coca Cola since birth, or so says his Facebook. This would be amazing in itself, but no matter what Verrecas accomplishes in life, it will always be overshadowed by his freakish resemblance to Justin Bieber. He seems at peace with this: one day when he was "B o r e d," he did a Chimpmunks-style lip synch to Bieber's "Girlfriend" and uploaded to Vimeo, and he often poses in pictures with the same, "I'm constipated...but should I be at this age?" look that Bieber is fond of.

Still, Verrecas learned the downside of doppelgängerdom earlier this week when TMZ reported that Biebs had been spotted smoking dope. Some Beliebers decided that the picture of Swaggy Doo holding a blunt was not of Bieber, but in fact Verrecas. So say people the comments of this post, for example.

(An alternate theory can be found in the poll in that post: "Could be a cigarette or pencil, not sure!")

Verrecas strongly denied the allegations suggesting that he is a pot addict:

And then a new theory emerged: The person in those pictures isn't Bieber or Verrecas:

Verrecas says the photo is fake, although maybe it's a third party — perhaps Dani Shay, who became a viral sensation thanks to her own capitalizing on her resemblance to Bieber? At least she's a lesbian, as God intended Justin Bieber doppelgägners to be.

I don't know if we'll ever know the truth, but Verrecas seems to feel exonerated by this screenshot of a rambling defense of him. This pictorial comparison of his and Bieber's sweatshirts (or, "sweaters," as they say in Belgium) seems to have calmed him, as well. He's entered what seems to be a Zen mode, Instagramming a shot of himself calmly captioned "stop the rumors." In it, he is cloaked in shadows, brooding and only the outline of the bottom half of his face is visible. Because what Verrecas isn't telling us is that he doesn't just look like Justin Bieber; he is also Batman.

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