The owner of a goat that was spotted eating pizza around New York City is being charged with sexually assaulting a woman he brought home from a nightclub.

51-year-old Cyrus Fakroddin of Summit, New Jersey, is accused of assaulting a "physically and mentally incapacitated" 19-year-old woman whom he met in a Manhattan nightclub.

The woman claims she awoke hours later in Fakroddin's house with no recollection of where she was or how she got there. Suspecting that she had been sexually abused, the victim returned to Manhattan with the aid of a friend, and sought medical attention.

Police subsequently arrested Fakroddin, and he is presently being held in the Union County jail.

Prior to this incident, Fakroddin made headlines for bringing his pet Alpine Pygmy goat Cocoa to NYC to take in the sights and eat pizza in the Village.

There was no comment from officials on whether Cocoa was with Fakroddin in Manhattan on the night of the alleged assault.

[photo via @ReporterLeslie]