A judge yesterday sentenced 25-year-old Jason Earl Dean of Dalton, Georgia, to a split sentence that includes four years in jail after he handcuffed himself to a female Taco Bell employee who wouldn't go out with him.

The incident took place on August 8, 2011, outside a Taco Bell in Ringgold. The unidentified employee was walking to her car when Dean suddenly appeared and handcuffed himself to her.

The woman began to scream, causing multiple co-worker to emerge from the restaurant. Dean immediately let the victim go and fled the scene.

Police arrested Dean two days later at Dalton State College, and booked him on charges of false imprisonment.

According to the victim, Dean, a volunteer firefighter, had been trying to get her to go on a date with him for a month leading up to the incident.

On his Facebook page, Dean, who has been in jail since entering a blind plea last September, claims to be in a relationship and says he is "looking for someone who can see past the outer facade of one another."

[H/T: Brobible, photo via CatWalkChatt]