New polling data suggests New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have exactly what it takes for a Republican to be elected president: Democrats like him more than Republicans do.

Public Policy Polling has released new data that shows Gov. Christie has a 48 percent to 27 percent favorability rating with Republicans compared to his 52 percent to 23 percent favorability with Democrats. Christie actually fares best with independents: 52 percent to 18 percent.

It's no big secret that the Republican party is disjointed. Mitt Romney—historically a fairly moderate Republican—leaned hard right during the primary in order secure the nomination, only to have it bite him in the ass during the general election, independents finding his comments just months previously too conservative.

Christie, who has never been afraid of making headlines or delivering a soundbite, has most recently been in the news for his criticisms of members of his own party. Christie was especially hard on Speaker of the House John Boehner after he pulled a vote to approve Hurricane Sandy relief off the table just as the 112th Congress ended its session. In this polling, Christie's numbers are up 12 points from last month with Democrats, but down 11 points with Republicans.

[Image via AP]