Spurred by the mass shooting in Newtown, a councilman from Spring City, Utah, has drafted a proposal recommending that each of the town's 956 residents get their hands on a gun.

The proposal initially made gun ownership a requirement, but pushback from some, including the county sheriff, forced Neil Sorensen to rework the language.

The revised ordinance is expected to pass at next month's council meeting, triggering a public hearing.

But KSL says residents are unlikely to show resistance.

"Law enforcement, that's a big expense for us. So if we can do our part, then it will be a better place," said resident David Sedlak.

Sorensen notes that many of the town's residents already own a gun.

A separate proposal to fund concealed weapons training for local teachers has already been approved by the city council.

Spring City is not the first town to put gun ownership in its law books. In Kennesaw, Georgia, an ordinance passed in 1982 required all heads of households to own a gun, and the city claims that burglary rates have been declining ever since.

[H/T: C&L, screengrab via KSL]