The NYPD's "stop and frisk" program would more accurately be called the "minority guy harassment program"—the police indiscriminately search black and Latino males, and a tiny percentage are found to be doing something illegal. As far as white people are concerned, the system works! But a judge disagrees.

Yesterday, a Manhattan Federal Court judge said the NYPD must quit stopping and frisking people outside of private apartment buildings in the Bronx, "even though the landlord has given officers permission to do so as part of the NYPD's 'Clean Halls' program." That's right: this revolutionary ruling holds that the prohibition against illegal search and seizure still counts even if your landlord doesn't care about it, and the NYPD gives it a nifty name.

If your landlord and the NYPD Office of Nifty Names cannot unilaterally dismiss the Fourth Amendment, how will we ever be safe? Activist judges in action.

Naturally, police commissioner Ray Kelly criticized the ruling, because "the civil liberties of black and Latino NYC residents" is not something Ray Kelly gives a shit about.

[Photo: AP]