This story of a Pennsylvania man is in its own a perfect metaphor for the Sisyphean exercise that is working. The unnamed man in Canonsburg — which is about 15 miles south of Pittsburgh — tried to kill himself twice on Tuesday on his way to work, but ended up there nonetheless. His first attempt at ending his life was to jump out of a moving vehicle, but he was unsuccessful. He then stepped over a guard rail and into the path of a tractor-trailer, which knocked him out of his shoes, but didn't kill him.

From there, the man apparently took the hint.

Troopers from the Washington barracks say the man jumped up, grabbed his shoes, slid down a hillside and walked to work.

He is now in a Pittsburgh hospital, where he will recover from his injuries and hopefully get whatever help he needs. To the rest of us, he'll live on as a short story come to life.

[via AP, image via Getty]