[There was a video here]

At 4:25 p.m. today—just one hour and a quarter after we published this list of (publicly available, public records of) all of the gun owners in New York City (names, not addresses)—we received the phone call embedded above.

"You're fuckin dead," it says.

Not a very elaborate death threat, but a death threat nonetheless. (While we cannot rule out the possibility that the caller was a deranged fan of Miss Alabama, it's fair to assume this was related to the gun post.)

Also, a Gawker Media employee completely unconnected to the post in question received a phone call after the post went up telling her "You better look both ways when you leave the building" and "all of you better look both ways because you're going to get shot." The caller also said "every girl better have a boyfriend because you need someone to protect you."

The police have been contacted. These violent threats come as reaction to us publishing information that was already publicly available.