Bushwick is "the coolest place on the planet," according to the Times, and yet no one seems to care about the naked woman waiting tables at its coolest restaurant — the sprawling, ramshackle pizza joint Roberta's — on Friday night. I was there and I didn't really care, though she wasn't serving our table, and we were in a kind of post-traumatic stress situation after the two-hour wait and the Venusian heat of the wood stove-heated tent out back and the woman who called my friend a "whore" in the aforementioned tent bar for trying to sit down at a table on which she (the woman) claimed to have dibs. And anyway we only caught the waitress, surrounded by customers taking photos, while walking out, stuffed with pizza and duck and pork, and when we asked we were told that Friday was her last day, and the nudity did seem to be a kind of farewell gesture; she, or someone, had written "PEACE OUT" on her back.

It felt like a weird drunken dream, and I'd almost say it was if not for this, which is the only mention of the incident on the entire internet:

Which makes me think that either no one gives enough of a shit about Bushwick, or Roberta's, to excitedly share photos of their nude Bushwick waitress, or that Bushwick is so mega-hip that you just expect your waitress to show up naked and written-on, and probably you don't even have a Facebook account or anything. Either way, the food was really good.