Tampon manufacturer Kimberly-Clark has a new series of ads out in which veterans of periods (gals) explain all the wacky vagina myths they once believed. (These myths, they say, are untrue, though we cannot confirm this independently.) You may be shocked to learn that some of your most cherished opinions about your body are, in fact, as mythical as "Amelia Earhart" or "Sojourner Truth."

  • "The idea that using tampons means girls lose their virginity, or that the products can get lost in their bodies." MYTH.
  • "The notion that 'everyone will know' when a woman has her period." MYTH.
  • The belief that periods are little more than a dot. MYTH.
  • The assumption that vaginas are attached to women with tape. MYTH.
  • The conviction that a tincture of agrimony will cure periods and hysterical blindness. MYTH.
  • The expectation that your vagina can talk. MYTH.
  • The hypothesis that vaginas are subject to the same laws of physics that govern the universe at large. MYTH.
  • The position that if periods are a bother then you should just plug that leak with common household grout. MYTH.
  • The presumption that bodies are "natural." MYTH.
  • The view that using the word "vagina" frequently lends an air of humor, edginess, or no-bullshit straightforwardness to one's writing or speaking style. MYTH.
  • The theory that Kegel exercises allow flight. MYTH.
  • The vagina. MYTH.

What other common vagina myths have you heard? We'd greatly appreciate it if you contribute to our online community by putting them in the discussion section below. MYTH.

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