What's your favorite restaurant? McDonald's, right? Not if you are from Australia. If you are from Australia, your favorite restaurant is "Macca's."

According to Reuters, surveys have found that "at least 50 percent of Australians" use this nickname when referring to The McDonald Brothers' French Frisian Hamburgerie.

Now, rather than waging war against Australia to beat them into submission over this issue, America's best worst mistake has decided to embrace the moniker: for the month of January, McDonald's locations in Australia will change their name to "Macca's."

The switch to "Mrrrrrf's" was chosen to honor Australia Day, the Australian equivalent of Christmas. Australia Day is celebrated on January 26th.

But McDonald's isn't just ditching its proud Scots-Irish heritage in name. It's also introducing a limited-time menu of Australia-centric foods, dubbed "The Australia Range," in order to appeal to people who refuse to eat food if it doesn't somehow remind them of Australia.

Offerings include the McOzzie burger (a cheeseburger with beetroot), the "Aussie Lamb" (a standard lamburger), and the "Aussie Brekkie" meal, which puts barbecue sauce on breakfast.

The worst part: now Australia's getting cocky at having renamed our restaurant "Maaaaa's."

"An Australian-made nickname up in lights, for our national day," cheers Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

"We can do whatever we want; there are literally no consequences for any action; all rules exist in a vacuum, devoid of meaning" is the subtext.

The name change will be in effect until February 4th (for no apparent reason).

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