Zero Dark Thirty has already shown us how al-Quaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed at the hands of U.S. Navy SEALs…now America is ready for a movie about how Hillary Clinton fell in love!

A screenplay for a movie called "Rodham," a dramatization of Clinton's early career, was recently chosen as the #4 hottest unproduced movie in Hollywood by a panel of executives voting on the annual "Black List."

Here's a plot summary from the Black List announcement:

During the height of the Watergate scandal, rising star Hillary Rodham is the youngest lawyer chosen for the House Judiciary Committee to Impeach Nixon, but she soon finds herself forced to choose between a destined path to the White House and her unresolved feelings for Bill Clinton, her former boyfriend who now teaches law in Arkansas.

The movie will chronicle the latter portion of Hillary Clinton's 20s as she is "torn between her personal desires and her professional ambition," smokes crack at a Bushwick loft party, and votes for peaches or whatever.

The film is already in development by Temple Hill entertainment, the folks who brought us/wrought us both Breaking Dawn films. Now it's time for casting.

Will the part go to Clinton's fellow female and probable best friend, Home Box Office wunderkind Lena Dunham?

Or will Donald Glover, who came so close to making history as the first black Spiderman, instead be cast as the first black young Hillary Clinton?

The role of charismatic political upstart Bill "William Jefferson" Clinton is sure to come down to a heated contest between Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick and Tom Hanks' train conductor from The Polar Express.

Whom would you like to see?

[Washington Post // Images via Getty]