Returning to his Astoria, Oregon, home after a busy day of driving drunk, sideswiping cars, and fleeing the scene, 18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown couldn't wait to let all his Facebook friends know what he'd been up to.

"Drivin drunk ... classsic ;) but to whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P" Jacob wrote on his Facebook page.

The status update was eventually forwarded by one of Jacob's friends to an Astoria police officer; another friend phoned the station and delivered the message to a sergeant.

The police had already been aware of a hit-and-run incident that occurred early Wednesday morning, and it was just a matter of matching the fragments from the crash site to Jacob's damaged car.

The teen was subsequently arrested and booked on two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver.

"Astoria Police have an active social media presence," the department said in a statement. "It was a private Facebook message to one of our officers that got this case moving, though. When you post ... on Facebook, you have to figure that it is not going to stay private long."

[images via KGW]