It is January 3, 2013. We are proud(?) to inform all of you that this website you are now reading ( is now ten years old. Double digits. Fuck.

As you all know, Gawker was founded in January of 2003. (Of course, it was already operating in December of 2002, and if you look hard enough you can dig up posts from way back in the summer of 2002, but we'll just say that was a "soft launch," and therefore does not count. Do you want to fuck up our anniversary party for us? Do you want us to return all of this champagne? Kidding—we have no champagne. Or cake, or cookies, or party favors, or a visible party of any sort. We did get some free sandwiches at lunch time today, however. Do you want to fuck that up for us?)

We couldn't have made it this far without all of the editors, and writers, and tech people, and ad people, and various support staff that went before us. And, especially, not without you, the readers, whose aggregate numbers allow our salespeople to turn your idle web browsing into enough dollars to pay us to sit here and type things all day. Truly, this collaborative effort proves that internet "blogs," once derided as mere time-wasting trifles containing the aimless ramblings of fools, are in fact time-wasting trifles containing the aimless ramblings of fools that can make a lot of money for Nick Denton.

We love you all very much. Please keep reading.