In this morning's paper, The New York Times takes a look at the former Mayor of New York and one time Mitt Romney supporter and attacker, Rudy Giuliani. He's back in the news this week for his attempts to be a kingmaker in the upcoming mayoral election in New York.

The field right now is crowded with Democrats, which includes the front-runner and Mayor Bloomberg favorite, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. But there still isn't a standout Republican candidate who is generating any major buzz. Giuliani is pushing for his former deputy mayor and MTA chairman Ray Lhota to be that guy.

Guiliani hasn't been mayor for a full 12 years now, what's he doing worrying so much about this race? It's kind of like he's that guy who graduated from your high school but still hangs around all of the football games and works crew on the school play. Everyone just lets him and no one asks why, but it's just kind of annoying.

Lhota was recently profiled in the Times after he led the MTA's speedy recovery of the subway system after Hurricane Sandy. Shortly after, he resigned from his post to ready himself for his mayoral bid.

But the article doesn't mention that Lhota would face a hard time getting past the fact that he ran the MTA, one of New Yorkers most hated things in the entire world. Also the MTA raised rates again right before he left on his recommendation. It's a slam dunk for any of his opponents.

No matter what's in Lhota's way, Guiliani told the Times that if Lhota wants him to, then "he would become a highly visible presence on the campaign trail for his former deputy."

NYT [Image via AP]