When George H.W. Bush was released yesterday from the intensive care unit of a Houston hospital, most news outlets reported the event in a straight forward enough fashion, with some even taking the opportunity to compliment the 88-year-old on his excellent taste in socks. Germany's Der Spiegel, however, took a different approach; instead of reporting his improving health, the magazine accidentally published their pre-written obituary for the former president.

Making matters more interesting, the unfinished obituary included several (not untrue) digs aimed at Bush, calling him a "colorless politician" whose reputation improved only after his son George W.'s historically unpopular presidency.

The magazine quickly removed the post and Tweeted an apology.

"All newsrooms prepare obituaries for selected figures," the magazine said on its Twitter feed. "The fact that the one for Bush senior went live was a technical mistake. Sorry!"

Of course, as a Bush, the former president is well aware that sometimes announcements are made a bit pre-maturely.

[via Daily Intel//Image via AP]